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October 2015

A child was born!

  A child was born! On June 16th Sveta, whom we have often told you about, gave birth to a girl.

The baby, 53 cm high and weighing 3450 kg, was named Milena. The delivery was difficult, but luckily Sveta didn’t need the cesarean section.

A birth of a child is a great joy in itself; but we are extremely happy that both the baby and her mother had a family to go to. For a girl with a child it is great luck to have found an adoptive family. The adopting mother Tatyana took her job very seriously and is now doing her best to help the former pupil of the orphanage to fit herself into the new situation. Care and support are what everyone needs, even if they are not children anymore.

And it is wonderful that in this situation the adopting family still has all the support and advice experts can provide. Tatyana keeps in touch with the “Centre of assistance to children without parental care and psychological, medical and social support for foster families” and takes part in cultural events for foster families; she can get efficient psychological help the moment she needs it. And Sveta can always get help from our psychologists Elena Jurievna Grizkova (who holds the seminar “Between us girls”) and Juliana Sorokina.

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