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Charity Fund
«Our Children»
+7 (495) 787–99-70 info@detinashi.ru


Prevent social orphanhood and help children without parental care successfully integrate into the society


  • Prevent children from getting into and returning to the residential care facilities;
  • Create an efficient system for putting children in the families;
  • Render comprehensive assistance to the children without parental care to promote their successful integration into the society;
  • Attract public attention to the problems of social orphanhood.


  • Provide financing, organize and implement charitable programs and events;
  • Attract donors and volunteers to assist in the Fund’s programs;
  • Communicate and exchange knowledge and experience with other charity organizations;

  Fund’s programs

­«Into the Big World» – prepare children living in residential educational facilities for independent life;

«Stick Together» – create comprehensive conditions for efficient integration of orphans into families;

«Public Involvement» – comprehensive actions to promote the ideas of charity in the society.


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