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Charity Fund
«Our Children»
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Program list

Stick Together

Prevention of social orphanhood and assisting successful integration of children from residential facilities into families
Lines of activity:
• Restore relations with birth families
• Assist in putting orphans into families
• Support families struggling with challenging situations to prevent children from going to orphanages
• Mitigate the negative effects of living in a facility
• Ensure professional development for specialists working in the sphere of childhood protection

Into the Big World

Social adaptation, preparation of children raised in orphanages for independent life Lines of activity: • Social adaptation (arranging interaction of children with mentors including professional orientation and support after graduating from a residential educational facility) • Development and professional training (organizing development and creative workshops); • Education (classes with tutors, professional orientation, psychologists support, payment […]

Public Involvement

Promotion of the Fund and charity ideas. Program purpose – educate, bring awareness into the society about the ideas of charity and attract maximum attention to helping the orphans. Program objectives: • Educate people on the efficient wats to help the orphans • Assist in involvement of the public into resolving the orphans’ problems • […]

Fund’s expenses

Management and administrative costs The Fund is a legal entity. This form helps the donors rest assured and guarantees that their funds will be spent exactly on the purposes that they donated for. But this also makes our organization accountable to the state bodies, and we have to follow their requirements – have a legal […]

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