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October 2015

Culinary master class – hot-dogs can be healthy too

 The fund filled the latest weekend with various activities: on March 28, Saturday, a volunteers’ master class focused on making hairclips was held, children in Smolensk played a new economic game which we will tell you about later, and the children from the project “I can do a lot” together with other children from the Raduga center learned how to cook.

The master class was held by Ivan Toreev, the general director of the Russian Restaurant group restaurant The Box.

There was enough space in the small kitchen for all the participants – 5 girls and 3 boys. This time the children under Vladimir’s supervision learned how to cook… burgers and French fries. Not the healthiest food, it would seem – but Vladimir explained that when cooked at home, these dishes can be very different from fast-food. Together the children cooked meatballs, cut vegetables and deep fried potatoes. Then the dishes were properly laid out and served. Now it will be easy for the children to quickly cook a tasty and nourishing dinner.




But it was not the end of the experience! The children learned how the kitchen of the restaurant actually worked and what tasks it was necessary to carry out there. Of course, they also got to see some professional tricks. Boys and girls were entranced by the sight of cocktails being made by a professional bartender.

Many thanks to Ivan, Svetlana and Vladimir for the wonderful master class. The children are eagerly awaiting the next meeting!


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