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October 2015

Discussing complicated matters “Between us girls”

 At our course of seminars “Between us girls” which started at Safonovo orphanage-school in November we approached a most interesting and complicated topic “Human fertilization and embryonic development”.

The medical part of the seminar was preceded by a psychological training. And then the girls watched a popular science film about the stages of the prenatal development of the embryo into a baby. Elena Jurjevna, a psychologist who works with gynecologists, brought a few plastic models of an egg-cell, an embryo, and a baby at various stages of development. While she was talking, the girls were carefully studying the models and asking lots of questions: “How did its hands appear?” “How can two or even more children be born at once?” “How did the little “amoeba” grow into a child?” “How can a child be born? It is so large!” and other, quite logical, questions.

During the seminar the mother of one of the girls called, and her daughter told her where she was and what they were discussing. The woman supported the idea and shared her own experience by telling what her daughter looked like as a baby.
Despite the fact that all the girls were tired after the spring-clean they had to do earlier in the day, everyone was quite cheerful. At the end of the seminar the girls watched a cartoon which illustrated the topic of discussion, and their excitement proved yet again that films and cartoons are a great means of explaining topics of this kind to the children.


The next seminar will take place on the 14th of May. And the last seminar this year will be held as a cozy tea-party.

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