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October 2015

Entrancing sounds of the waltz

 The Austria of Johann Strauss was the destination to which the guests of a thematic event at Safonovo orphanage-school were brought by a whirlwind of waltz.

To hold such an event, the children had to do a lot of work. They spent a lot of time getting ready to it: listening to music, studying the composer’s biography, reading various articled, preparing dances and costumes.

The party was titled “The singing soul of Vienna”, which perfectly described the atmosphere in the hall. It was not just an exciting story of The Waltz King and his masterpieces – 168 of which are waltzes; no, the children managed to fully recreate the atmosphere of the 19th-century Vienna. It was a great pleasure for the guests to listen to wonderful music and various stories about its creator, and to watch the waltzing couples. Both children and adults enjoyed this wonderful opportunity to submerge themselves in the fragile and intricate world of music.



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