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October 2015

How exactly do high school students at Safonovo learn to live indepenpently?

 How exactly do high school students at Safonovo learn to live independently?

Social apartment is a specially equipped accommodation within the territory of the facility. There are bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathrooms there. Those who live there are high school students who are going to leave the orphanage and start living by themselves soon. Living in a flat where you have to do everything yourself is very helpful as it makes your transition from the orphanage to adult life more smooth and successful.

In 2014 nine graduates of the 11th class lived in the social apartment of the Safonovo Orphanage-School (six of them lived there from the beginning of the year until their graduation, and three others came at the beginning of the next school year). They did all the work themselves: cleaned up, washed and ironed their clothes, made minor repairs and cooked meals. The children planned their menu in advance and bought food at the grocery. Girls and boys learned how to use home appliances, distribute duties, and keep the apartment clean – all those things ordinary teenagers in ordinary families do.
Flexible timetable allows the children to attend tutorial classes or to learn via distance learning and at the same time to actively participate in the school life. There are practical exercises organized for the children. Here are some of the topics which help them feel more confident and gain better understanding of various details of domestic life and the law:

  • Comfort in the house: household tips .
  • Home cooked meals: layout tips and culinary recipes.
  • Guest etiquette. How to choose proper gifts?
  • Family economy.
  • Job applications. CV/Resume.
  • Labour code. How to bargain with the employer? Rights and responsibilities of the parties. Employment contract.
  • Apartment owner. Renting an apartment. How and where to pay for communal services? Housing law. How and where to solve housing problems?

The children also discuss details of family relationships, such as marriage, wedding, the psychology of family, family celebrations, and the role of the husband and the wife in the family.
Most of the participants live a healthy lifestyle – they don’t smoke and go in for sports. The graduates took part in a protest against drugs held by the graduates of Smolensk Oblast schools.
The children, together with the project curator, visited such organizations as post offices, city library, chemist’s, clinic, and bank and also learned how to use payment terminals and electronic cards. Types of medical care were presented to them as well – clinic reception, hospitalization, and emergency medical services.



Another school year will come, new participants will join the project. To give these children an opportunity to prepare for independent life, you can support our project “Social apartment” here.


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