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April 2009

Humanitarian Mission of the Peugeot Van

The company Peugeot Russia completed a motor rally of commercial cars on the route Moscow – Suzdal – Nizhny Novgorod -Vladimir – Moscow. 
It is a mere trifle for cars of this make to cover such a distance. But in this case, the most important thing for Peugeot was not just the technical side of this event, but the historic, educational and charitable mission, which will be fulfilled by the participants of the rally.  

Peugeot Boxers of various modifications (vans, minibuses etc), so-called commercial transport, took part in the rally, which continued the almost century-old (!), historical tradition of Peugeot cars participating in car rallies on Russian roads.
The reliability, efficiency and capacity of Peugeots showed itself this time with a very valued humanitarian load – presents for children in children’s homes for infants in Dzerzhinsk, which the fund has been working with for a long time. In the shortest of periods individuals and staff of Peugeot managed to collect funds and give to the children’s homes for infants developmental games, cameras for making albums of the children, televisions and DVD players which in total amounted to more than 50 thousand roubles.

On behalf of our children we would like to thank Peugeot for the new possibility of development, the new knowledge and the new interesting discoveries!

This campaign of Peugeot did not simply help the little ones in the Baby’s homes, but also encouraged the staff to take part in charitable activities and drew to their attention the problems faced by orphans. 
We are confident that such campaigns will also be of benefit to the company itself by increasing the loyalty of its staff, as now they not only share a work place but have also jointly carried out a good deed.





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