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September 2009

Let the Shatalovo Pupils Go to the Festival! Your Help is Needed!

We have already told you about the talent of the pupils at Shatalovo  School, who create wonderful handicrafts out of nothing. These guys have been under our patronage since June and we will support the work of the creative workshops at the children’s home. For this, among other things, we plan to collect donations at the Seasons Magazine Festival in September. 

Having taken part last year in this vivid and out-of-the-ordinary open-air project, having seen so many amazing possibilities of creativity opening up here and having experienced how it is possible to meet so many interesting people and spend two autumn days so wonderfully and unusually, we had the idea of inviting our children along next time. 
The chance of getting away from their far-away institution and going to the big city does not come up too often for the guys from Shatalovo School, and for such children it is always a very big event. They of course deserve a small adventure which will give them addition inspiration and allow them to recharge their creative batteries for the new school year. They will undoubtedly learn something there, as a famous French decorator will be at the festival, master-classes on soap-making, on decorating, on flower arranging and on gastronomy will be held and awaiting the guests will be lessons on photography, improvised Garage sales, harvest festivals as well as real New Year celebrations!  We are certain that the children will be able to choose an activity they like and take part in the various events at the festival, find out lots of new things and on their return share their new skills and impressions with the other guys.
The guys were thrilled by the idea and are already planning what handicrafts to take with them and how to present them at the festival. They also really want to set up their own master-class and share the secrets of their work with others.
In order to turn the dream into reality, we need your help!
We are collecting donations to allow three girls from the children’s home and an accompanying teacher to travel to Moscow.
Let’s make this dream come true! Let the Shatalovo Pupils go to the Festival!
Necessary funds: 20 000 roubles. Including:
– train tickets (return tickets for 4 people) – 6400 roubles;
– economy class hotel (2 nights for 4 people) – 4800 roubles;
– food and local travel expenses – 6000 roubles;
– entertainment programme expenses – 2800 roubles.
It is simple to make a donation!
You can choose the option most convenient for you on our website in the section How You Can Help.
All donations which are paid into the fund’s account before 15 September will be used to finance the children’s trip.
A change of surroundings, new vivid impressions and lots of positive emotions – these two days will be a real celebration for the guys.


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