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September 2009

Their First Steps

An important event has taken place in the Arms of Hope project, which is being implemented in children’s homes No. 1 and No. 2 in Dzerzhinsk. After several stages of preparing the specialists and volunteers within the framework of the project, several volunteers started their activities which are based on regular and long term communication with young children. At the moment there are only four and they are currently taking their own first steps. But we believe that there will soon be a lot more.
It was very difficult to start such activities.  Some were afraid they could not cope, some doubted that the children needed it, as very frequently the children didn’t want to part company with their new friends which in turn caused inconvenience for the staff as the children returned sad and they had to put a lot of effort into helping them return to their life in groups.
Child neurologist SV Dovbnya, the project’s expert, scattered such doubt by saying:  "There is nothing stranger than visiting a group where several children are being brought up and it is completely silent there. Children cry when they have somebody to cry for.  By crying they are demonstrating their emotions, their interest in life. The absence of emotions and a lack of individual attention damage the psyche of the child and slow his development. It is simply vital that a young child is constantly cared for. If you are prepared for tears, then you are able to substantially improve the live of a young child."

The first steps of Yelena and Polina.

The little girl was recently removed from her family, to where she was returned in December last year from the children’s home for infants. She is very scared and does not trust adults.  Yelena will currently only visit Polya. Later they will also take Polina’s sister who is currently in another group.

The first steps of Anna and Yana

The child has difficult with communication because of her sight (she is badly cross-eyed). For this reason it is rather difficult to find a new family for this little girl, who does not have any learning problems.  Recently Yana became very ill and was hospitalised. Anya will visit her until discharge as the permission allows.

First steps of Tatiana and Misha. 

This boy has serious nervous system disorders and autism. He does not speak and poorly understands when he is spoken to. Thanks to Tatiana, Misha has gain a person with whom he will have constant communication for the first time.  Misha has become more contacting and emotional. You should see how tenderly and patiently Tatiana is trying to "bring him out his shell".

First steps of Lena and Sasha.

The first meeting of Sasha and Elena took place recently. This boy (as many of other children in Baby Homes) has communication disorders.  We hope Elena will help Sasha to overpass his problems.





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