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October 2015

“Way of the dragon. Part 3”

 Every child loves cartoons! For about a year we have been supporting an animation club in Safonovo orphanage-school for orphans and children without parental care.

To support the growing interest towards this activity, we invited Olga Shlyapnikova on a volunteer trip to the facility. Olga is one of our most reliable and responcible volunteers. She always comes up with new ideas how to provide children with new information and let them enjoy themselves at the same time. This time the children together with Olga were creating a cartoon. This master class proved yet again that one doen’t have to be a professional to create their own cartoon – it is enough to have good imagination and to be able to use a film-editing program. 🙂

The children started with discussing what story they were going to use as a basis for their cartoon. Then they distributed the items they needed to create – it was necessary to draw a few characters (the main character was a dragon!) and two background images. And then the real work began. Boys and girls were eagerly drawing and cutting out the characters of the story and backdrop details (trees, flowers etc), while Denis Nizhnik – our volunteer and friend – was setting up the tripod and getting the camera ready for the actual time-lapse filming.


When the preparations were over, we started shooting. Olga was directing the movements of the characters, Andrej was fulfilling her orders, and Denis was capturing the changes with the camera.


Then Olga edited the results on her laptop, added a soundtrack and arranged a film premiere.


Now you too can watch this cartoon which was titled “Way of the Dragon, Part 3”. Why “Part 3”? Because any good story – and this story IS good – needs a beginning and a continuation. Just like “Star Wars”. 🙂


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