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October 2015

White birds were flying

 Victory Day has come and gone, but we still remember what this victory meant to us. The memory of that war remains with us in our songs, books, films, stories told by our relatives.

It is extremely important that children are respectful towards the generation of people who readily went to the war and sacrificed their lives to their motherland, and the future of their children. In Safonovo orphanage-school for orphans and children without parental care there is a theatre studio which contributes a lot into the development of this respect. Children of all ages – from junior to high school pupils – took part in the studio’s performance “White birds were flying” dedicated to the anniversary of Victory in World War II.

Time flies fast, and we are losing our memories of war – of what our grandfathers had endured to reach Victory; of how many families had been broken and how many lives lost! It is easy for children left without parents to understand what it is to lose your family, the people you love the most. The goal was to realize and to show once again how high the price of Victory was. It was not just people on the school stage talking to the audience of war – no, it was white birds, symbols of purity and truth, witnesses of the great tragedy of the humanity, begging everyone that another war never be allowed, at any cost.


The play was a success! The audience was captured and found it impossible to remain indifferent. We thank our young actors who put their hearts in the story about the war memory of which is always with us.


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