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Февраль 2010
«Кто я и кем мне пойти работать?»

4 февраля 2010 года в рамках проекта «Я способен на многое» прошел тренинг  по профориентации. Его провели генеральный директор группы компаний «Вокруг Света» Светлана Головатюк и её друзья – Наталья Устинова и Максим Имасс (специалисты в области управления персоналом).


Февраль 2010
New Year Presents for Everybody!

At the end of 2007, on the initiative of both BBDO and Safonovo, a Christmas tree once again appeared in the offices of the BBDO group of companies and was decorated with photographs and names of children from the orphanages. And again everybody who wished to do so, could choose a child to buy a gift for depending on their age and size. This year the task was made more difficult, there was just a week and a half to select a child and prepare the gift.


Февраль 2010
Watch Out for Cars or the Schumachers of Smolensk!

In December the Fund acquired a driving simulator, developed by ‘Trener’ scientific production enterprise, for the driving lessons at the orphanage schools at Safonovo and Kardymovo in the Smolensk Region, the simulator consists of: a driver’s seat, a hardware-software unit and original programmes.


Февраль 2010
A Christmas Miracle

At Christmas there was a miracle. The miracle of generosity, charity and kindness, on one hand and profound thanks from the heart on the other. All of these qualities are rare and precious in the mad rush of our lives as are all the delicate treasures of the human spirit. This miracle is a quiet and humble one.


Февраль 2010
Moscow Holidays

We spent this Christmas Holiday in Moscow. We are group 5b of the Safonovo orphanage school with our teacher Nadezhda Nikolayevna and carer Yelena Nikolayevna. We are three girls (Katya, Tanya and Oksana) and four boys (Misha, Denis, Zakhar and Seryozha). We enjoyed the trip so much and gained unforgettable impressions and new knowledge.


Февраль 2010
A Gift of a New Sitting Room for Safonovo

As you know just before we entered 2008, BBDO transferred its money budgeted for presents to the ‘Deti Nashi’ Fund. Instead of New Year presents, our clients received congratulatory cards with information about how they have already taken part in some goodwill before the new year — the refurbishment of one of the sitting rooms at Safonovo orphanage-school.


Февраль 2010
Maslenitsa in Safonovo

Maslenitsa — the ancient Slavic celebration similar to Mardi Gras, has been passed down to us from pagan culture. It is a cheerful goodbye to winter, brightened by the happy expectation of the upcoming warmth and the springtime rejuvenation of nature. Even blini [Russian pancakes], an essential part of Maslenitsa, have a ritual significance: the ancients believed that by eating round and rosy pancakes which look like the sun, they would receive part of the sun’s warmth and power.


Февраль 2010
We’re starting a new project! «Spring Clean»

It is absolutely natural for everybody to want to make their home comfortable, cosy and beautiful. Such simple things as ironing boards and airing cupboards, which every home owner has, are not available to children living in orphanages. These things are very important and necessary in our everyday lives. It is necessary to dry and iron our clothes very often and when you don’t have the conditions to do so, it becomes a real problem.


Февраль 2010
«Sunny Moscow»

At the end of the school spring holidays 13 pupils from the Safonovo orphanage school came and visited us in Moscow. The Fund prepared for the children a jam-packed programme. The children went to the very heart of the capital — the Kremlin.


Февраль 2010

At last the children at the Safonovo orphanage will be able to enjoy a comfortable and modern homely atmosphere in the kitchen and the dining room, where they will learn to cook and learn how to do the housekeeping and cater for guests.

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