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Февраль 2010
Bringing Summer to the Little Ones!

On the 22nd June we called on the young children from Kostroma. When planning this trip, we inquired with the administration what things are needed which we could bring with us. It turned out that they needed most of all light summer clothes for the infants and summer footwear. We were bewildered as such expenses were not covered by the programme’s planned budget, and the time period was more than cramped — we planned to visit in exactly a week’s time. So we turned to our constant and reliable partner for help — BBDO.


Февраль 2010
Moscow Saturday Voluntary Work

Despite the fatiguing summer heat, our friends from Video International carried out yet another working visit to the territory of a children’s home for infants. This time the visit was made to Special Children’s Home for Infants No.22 in Moscow.


Февраль 2010
Dear Friends!

On the start of the new school year, we have decided to announce our new current account, which can accept donations in euro.

Now all of our friends far and wide can make their contribution to helping solve the problems faced by orphans.

Please note that in order for the donation to be tax-free, you must write in the section for the purpose of the payment ‘Charitable Donation’. The donation can be made for a particular activity or for any of our projects.

Payee: ‘Deti Nashi’ Charitable Fund
Name of bank: The Royal Bank of Scotland ZAO
Correspondent bank: ABN AMRO Bank Amsterdam
Correspondent bank’s SWIFT code: ABNANL2A
Transit account: 40703978200206067328
Purpose of Payment: Charitable Donation


Февраль 2010
Wishing the little ones the best of health

Our partnership with Children’s home No.22 in Moscow is continuing. There weren’t many hot days this summer, but when they did come the thermometers reached over 30°C. It was simply unbearable for the little ones who live in the city to spend time outside on these days. Therefore the specialists at the children’s home turned to us requesting our help to buy paddling pools for the children to splash around in a little. The Fund of course responded to their request and now the children have two excellent paddling pools.


Февраль 2010
A New Way of Washing!

Some people start renovation work in the traditional way. In our partnership with Dzerzhinsk Children’s Home for Infants No. 1 it came about that the fund’s purchase of new washing machines lead to the full renovation of the dilapidated laundry complex. The renovation, which the administration of the Baby’s Home spent a long time on, has been completed and now the clothes and linen of the children are washed in a completely new way.


Февраль 2010
Completion of the Yevgeniya Project…

We are happy to terminate our project before schedule! This is not a paradox, just that we are talking about stopping a project of address help. We really hope that our Yevgeniya will soon be able to leave the walls of the baby’s home. It turns out that our Yevgeniya has a grandmother and an older sister who cannot wait to have her home.


Февраль 2010
Everyone to the Festival!

Dear friends, the summer days have ended but that is not a reason for getting upset! Ahead is the Indian summer which weathermen say will be very warm. In this wonderful period we want to invite you to join us at the festival held by the popular ‘Seasons’ magazine . The festival is dedicated to various aspects of decorative art. Our friends at the magazine have prepared an excellent programme.


Февраль 2010
Results of the charitable event of the Deti Nashi Fund at the Seasons Magazine Festival.

Autumn gave us two wonderfully sunny days on the 20th and 21st September. On these days we took part in the marvellous festival organised by Seasons magazine in the Hermitage Garden. The main goal we set was to enlighten people about children living in children’s homes and to increase people’s trust of charitable organisations. We also wanted to demonstrate that even a small contribution makes a difference and that it is nice and easy to do good deeds.


Февраль 2010
Autumn Harvest at Orekhovo-Zuyevo

Autumn is the time for collecting the harvest. And so our fund is collecting the harvest of the completed projects, which were thought up in spring and organised in summer.


Февраль 2010
A Well-Read and Sporty Autumn

In this unusually warm and long golden autumn, our friends at Video International decided that due to this anomaly with the weather people too should be warm-hearted! This time a decision was taken to provide help in relation to the lack of textbooks and school stationery for the children’s home and school at Orekhovo-Zuyevo in the Moscow Region.

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